Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide customized animal-assisted therapy programs to anyone experiencing intellectual, emotional, physical, behavioral, or mental health challenges.


Summit Dog, Inc. is dedicated to providing professional highly trained therapy animal teams to help people achieve their rehabilitation and therapy goals through the use of animals. We work with people of all ages, but our specialty is working with court-involved youth, their families, and people of all ages who are affected by intellectual, emotional, physical, behavioral, or mental health challenges.

Who we serve

Our therapy animal teams visit: children, youth in crisis, people with special needs, veterans, the sick, poor, homeless, elderly, and anyone in need of our special type of services. Many of our clients have special needs, disabilities, post-traumatic stress, or at-risk behaviors, but we serve everyone in the community.


Summit is operated with Christian beliefs and values, so treating everyone fairly and with respect is paramount.  We do not require our volunteers and employees to be Christian; however, we do expect each member to be respectful and professional.  Additionally, we do not limit our teams from working with other organizations. We know that there is a big need to be met and we can’t do it alone; therefore, we help our teams find their niche and encourage them to work in their strengths, even if it means they go to another organization.


Successful interactions with our clients is paramount; therefore, each of our professional Therapy Animal Teams participates in a rigorous training and mentoring program where professionalism, quality and “out-of-the-box” thinking is stressed. After becoming a registered Therapy Animal Team, members are required to continue their training to effectively enhance the human/animal bond with our clients.  Our paid services provide the reliability and quality of a professional Activity Animal Team, where each staff member is dedicated to our “mission to serve.”